Testimonials for Tri City Mustang Restoration

I have a great deal of experience with Tri-City Mustang Restoration. Simply put Jeff’s work is outstanding in every way. They performed a ground up restoration my 1968 Shelby GT500 convertible; flawless Raven Black, Saddle, and a White top. I only showed her for one season, but she took nothing less than best of class / best of show. Yes, I sold this convertible at Barrett Jackson, Scottsdale 2007 (lot 1025). The reaction to Tri-City’s efforts was impressive … the winning bid was $285,000. Tri-City is currently finishing another big project for me, a ground up restoration of a 1966 GT350. I would welcome you to come and this Shelby and assess their work for yourself. My 1966 is like a jewel! I have worked with several other shops before Tri-City. I did my homework on even more shops before placing the convertible in their care. Bluntly, I wouldn’t place my projects any place other than at Jeff’s. The thing that I am most impressed by is Jeff’s ability to listen, offer experience, offer options, and let me decide what I want. I know I have emphasized my bigger projects at Tri-City … the same praise applies to an engine rebuild or the work / service done on my vintage driver.


I also highly recommend Tri-City Mustang, Jeff will do what it takes to make his customers happy. A Shelby vert he restored sold at 2007 Barrett/Jackson for $285K hammer price. I seen the car it was excellent.


I personally have been selling jeff james parts for many years, i have seen his work many times and think he is top notch! a very trusting fellow! he is very fussy on every detail.

Feel safe with your choice!


Tri-City Mustang is currently doing body work on my 69 Mustang and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Jeff James, the owner, is great to work with and the quality of the repairs done on my car has been second to none. Jeff is very flexible, he will find and purchase needed parts, or you can find and purchase the parts yourself – any way you want to do it. His shop has 4 bays and a paint booth – a nice setup.

I would highly recommend Tri-City Mustang, their work is top notch!


Rick’s lime green GT350 scored extremely high. The car was completely restored by Jeff James’ shop Tri-City Mustang Restorations in St. Charles, Michigan. I was amazed to see two GT350s with the correct pollution control system. If you are going concours, you need to have it. This car won the Gold Award.

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